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Love Food Haste Waste

When we waste food or drink, we waste all the resources that went into growing, processing, transporting, packaging and cooking it. When we throw food away without recycling, it rots in landfill and emits methane; a damaging greenhouse gas.

What is reducing food waste?

  • Using leftovers
  • Food recycling
  • Better storage
  • Planning & recipes

By buying less, using more and recycling what we really can’t eat, we save resources, reduce emissions, save money and show we care for the planet and the people on it. Food is a big part of our personal and cultural identity. Let’s make a statement about its value and our values.

Around half of the good food we bin from our homes is wasted because we didn’t use it up in time.

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Reasons to reduce food waste

  1. Reduces methane emissions

  2. Saves you money

  3. Saves resources (human, land, animal and fossil fuels)

  4. Shows respect and care for food, family, the planet and the people on it

  5. Helps to bring people and communities together

Food waste: The environmental impact

Fighting climate change can seem a daunting task but tackling food waste is something that every one of us can do to make a big difference.

Take the next step

Buy only what you need

Write shopping lists and check cupboards or fridges before you shop.

Use what you buy

Keep an eye on portion sizes, freeze and store portions effectively and reuse leftovers.

Spread the word

Ask the businesses that you buy from to reduce their food waste.