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Coronavirus is one of the biggest challenges we’ve faced in our lifetimes and our response to it must reflect its magnitude. That’s why Zero Waste Scotland is working with Local and Scottish Government and other key partners to make sure we meet this challenge head on.

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Local authorities across Scotland will be affected differently and at different times due to coronavirus.

It is important that you check your local authority website regularly over the coming weeks, to keep up to date with any changes to waste and recycling collection services that may affect you, including what materials are being collected and when to put your bins out for collection.

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Managing household waste during coronavirus

Life isn’t quite normal at the moment and that is as true for local authorities as it is for everyone else. Local authorities across Scotland are working hard to provide the best possible service, with everyone’s health and safety remaining the top priority.

In some cases, waste and recycling services have been temporarily disrupted. These are necessary measures and disruptions will not be in place any longer than they need to be.

But we all need to play our part in helping to slow the spread of coronavirus and supporting our local authorities. That means staying at home and respecting social distancing guidelines. And following our simple and practical advice on how to manage your waste effectively, helping to ease the pressure on our essential services.

And, as always, please follow public health advice to keep yourself, your community and Scotland safe.

Follow our simple and practical advice on how to manage your waste effectively to help ease the pressure on our essential services.

Handling your waste safely

Read our step-by-step guide on how to manage waste if someone in your household is showing coronavirus symptoms.

What should I do with my waste and recycling during coronavirus?

Firstly, regularly check your local authority website for updates on waste and recycling services in your area. If your services are temporarily disrupted, please make sure you maximise the space in your dry waste recycling bins.

We have lots of practical hints and tips below to help you manage your waste during these times, including how to safely store materials and how to start home-composting your garden waste.

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