What is Recycle Week?

06 APR 20 |

Recycle Week is a national celebration of recycling, taking place every September.

Recycle Week aims to get Scotland recycling at more. The week reminds people of commonly forgotten about items, offers hints and tips on how to make recycling easier and raises awareness of the environmental impact.

Get involved with Recycle Week

Whether you are a household, community group, business, school, local authority or individual – you can get involved, make new habits and help to make a difference.  

Previous campaigns have included:

Waste Warriors: reinforcing the important role that everyone has in fighting the on-going waste battle by motivating action. 

Take action on plastics: encouraging people to recycle more plastic bottles and food packaging to help keep this waste stream out of the sea and ground. 

Food waste recycling: raising awareness of the importance of food waste recycling as Scotland works towards a target of reducing food waste by a third by 2025, to help combat the climate emergency. 

The food waste in general household waste bins is taken to landfill, where it produces destructive greenhouse gases like methane, which is much more damaging to the environment than carbon dioxide and is helping to drive climate change.

Recycling Week 2020

2020 will mark the 18th annual Recycle Week, which will be held between 21 – 27th September.  

This year’s theme will be announced soon, along with ideas on how you can get involved.