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Scotland is stunning, let's keep it that way

14 JUL 20 | 5 Minute read

Zero Waste Scotland - in partnership with Scottish Government and Keep Scotland Beautiful - has launched a new campaign to encourage everyone to take pride in our outdoor spaces and keep them litter free.

The campaign calls on everyone to do their part in preventing litter by simply binning their rubbish, or if community bins are full, take it home. We can all enjoy the great outdoors - when we're visiting parks, beaches, or woodlands - and look after our stunning country for ourselves and others.

Campaign assets

Show your support for the campaign by downloading our campaign posters and social media assets to share on your social channels and in your local community.

You can download our campaign resources here.

Top tips to prepare for a daytrip

If you know you’re going to be travelling a bit further afield, there are a few steps you can take to ensure you don’t leave any litter behind.

  1. Keep a bin bag in your car or backpack, so you're always prepared

  2. Take your own reusable containers for eating out, to avoid having to dispose of takeaway food packaging

  3. User other reusables when out and about including straws, coffee cups, water bottles and cutlery

  4. Make sure your litter won't blow away, or get dropped while you're visiting or having a picnic

  5. Remember that cigarette butts and fruit peelings become litter when dropped

  6. Don't place a disposable barbeque in a bin until it has cooled down completely, make sure it is fully distinguished by using plenty of water or sand

  7. Make use of community bins or bring your rubbish home if they are full

  8. Recycle you're litter when you get home, if you can