Tips to manage your Paper & Cardboard recycling during coronavirus

24 APR 20 | 5 minute read

Coronavirus may well be causing temporary disruption to recycling services in your local area.  

If you’re not sure, you can find out right here.

If you have been affected by service disruptions, we need you to play your part in helping to continue supporting recycling efforts in Scotland. 
When the time is right, recycling services will resume and until then you can store recycling materials in the space you have available. 
Firstly, continue to place the correct materials in your recycling bins until they are full.  Once your recycling bins are full, and if your collection has stopped, try to find an alternative place to store materials.  We know that these are unprecedented times and storing materials could be inconvenient, but service disruptions won’t be in place any longer than they need to be, and your help will make a huge difference to the efforts of our frontline workers and our environment. 

Paper and card are probably the easiest items to store as they’re light and once broken down and flattened it can be easily stacked. Store it somewhere dry and away from any potential fire risks.

Flatten, Fold and Store for Recycling - Paper and Card

How to store paper and card:

  • Flatten card and where possible remove any plastic, tape or polystyrene.
  • Continue to use your paper and card recycling bin or container until it’s full.
  • Store paper and card in a suitable space like on top of kitchen units, in a cupboard or garage but away from fire hazards.
  • Maximise space by using a larger cardboard box to store smaller flattened items.
  • You can cut paper and card to a size that is manageable to store.
  • Extra paper and card at home is handy for doing crafts with kids.
  • Paper and card left out in the rain cannot be recycled as once cardboard is wet the fibres weaken and cannot be reused.

What next?

If you have any questions, hopefully we’ll have the answers on our FAQs page. We’ve got more useful tips and guidance below to help you manage your waste. And thank you for doing your bit in a really difficult time.