Household waste - coronavirus health and safety tips

24 APR 20 | 3 minute read

To protect you, your community and Scotland from coronavirus we all need to do things a little differently at the moment. That includes how we handle our bins and our waste, particularly if someone in our household is showing symptoms of coronavirus. Watch and share the video below:

Step by step guide

Step by step guide If you or someone in your household is showing symptoms of coronavirus it is very important that you follow the steps below when disposing of waste items  including tissues or disposable items including bottles and cloths.

  1. Dispose of items securely within a bin bag
  2. When full, the bag should then be placed into a second bin bag and tied
  3. These bags should be safely stored for 72 hours before being put out for collection in your general waste bin
  4. You can find additional guidance on how to stay safe at Health Protection Scotland


Putting your bin out safely

By following these simple steps before and after your bin collection you are not just protecting yourself but also protecting our frontline workers.

  • Put bins out the evening before your collection is scheduled.
  • Clean bin handles with disinfectant before and after collection
  • Bag any wipes, cloths and gloves used for cleaning and put into the general waste bin
  • Bring your bin back in immediately after collection to help keep pavements clear and support the 2 metre physical social distancing advice

What next?

Due to coronavirus we all need to change our routines and habits to help keep others safe. We have lots of other tips available as well as an FAQ page that provides additional help and guidance. We all need to do our bit to help slow the spread of coronavirus and support our local authorities. Thanks for your co-operation.