Tips to manage your food waste during coronavirus

24 APR 20 | 4 minute read

At the moment many waste and recycling services are being impacted by coronavirus. It’s a difficult time but public health and safety is the priority and as a result some services will be temporarily reduced or suspended, and that may include food waste collections.

You can find out how your local authority is affected here.

Recycling services will resume, and disruptions won’t be in place any longer than they need to be.  However, if your food waste collection has been temporarily suspended, we ask that you put your food waste in the general waste bin for the time being and do not store it in your food waste recycling bin.
If you’re a bit worried about how quickly your general bin might fill up or want to explore alternative options, we have some ideas that could help you play your part in continuing to protect our environment and frontline workers.

Try home composting – it’s easy

It’s easier than you think and really good for the environment. You can find everything you need to know to get started right here. It’s ideal for creating free nutrient-rich compost for your indoor and outdoor plants. You could even look at some wildlife websites for ideas on creating bird food cakes to hang in the garden. 

Try to waste less

When it comes to food, eat up as much as you can before it goes bad. Maybe that means serving smaller portions or even freezing what you don’t finish – we’ve got lots of recipe and storage ideas to help you out. Of course, there is some food that we can’t avoid wasting, like fruit and vegetable peelings which are just perfect for home composting.

Tips on managing food waste

There are plenty of options for you to consider when it comes to getting rid of your food waste. Some of them will help you reduce the amount of waste you put in your general waste bin until recycling services resume:

  • If your food waste recycling collection has temporarily stopped, food waste should go in your general waste bin
  • Consider home composting for food scraps including peelings, coffee grinds and eggshells.
  • For tips to minimise your food waste visit Love Food Hate Waste.
  • RSPB have some great tips including bird cake on their website.  Ensure you have a suitable bird table or receptacle so as not to attract any vermin.

What next?

If you have any questions, hopefully we’ll have the answers on our FAQs page. We’ve got more useful tips and guidance below to help you manage your waste. And thank you for doing your bit in a really difficult time.