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Food waste

Love Food Haste Waste

Cutting down on the amount of food that goes to waste saves you money and helps to slow down the climate crisis and deforestation. Every slice of bread, carrot and potato that you save from the bin can make a difference.

Food waste in the bin

Your guide to recycling food waste

Did you know that Scottish households throw away 600,000 tonnes of food waste every year? And every old biscuit, cake or piece of cheese going to landfill contributes towards harmful gasses being released into the environment.

Watch our ‘Not So Rubbish’ Guide to Recycling Food Waste to get the lowdown on everything you need to know to help turn old food into green, renewable power for homes.

What can you do?

  1. Freeze bread – slices from a frozen loaf can then be defrosted as needed or toasted straight from the freezer

  2. Check your cupboards and write a list before you go food shopping 

  3. Check your portions to avoid extras going to waste