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02 MAR 21 | 4 minutes read

Recycling is so important in our fight against climate change. You can do your bit by recycling as much as you can.

Our handy checking tool, the Recycling Sorter, tells you exactly what can and can’t be recycled. It also tells you which items go in which colour of bin for your particular area – helping to ensure we’re all recycling as best we can.

All you have to do is select your local authority, tell us whether you have your own kerbside bins, or if you share with your neighbours, and our tool does the rest.

Collections are mainly free, but charges may apply in some areas for items such as garden waste.

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Tips for better recycling

  1. Fold and flatten cardboard
  2. Squash your plastics and cartons
  3. Rinse out plastics and glassware
  4. Always check to see if lids are recyclable as some are not