Hands Aff Ma Cup

16 JUL 20 |

If you’ve been missing your lunchtime latte or flat white then the reopening of cafes and coffee shops will be a welcome sight. 

But, before you rush out to grab your caffeine fix it’s time to dig it out the reusable cup that’s been hiding in the back of the cupboard since March.

In Scotland alone we collectively use and throw away around 200 million single-use coffee cups each year. Only a tiny fraction (0.25 percent) of disposable cups UK-wide are recycled, often because the mix of materials they're made from can't be processed together, making your reusable cup even more of a waste less warrior. 

An estimated 200 million single-use coffee cups are used every year in Scotland.


Things might be a little different next time you pop into your local coffee shop but following the steps below can help you ditch disposables in favour of your reusable coffee cup. 

City to Sea have lots of handy information on their website on how to stay safe with reusables too. hands!

  1. Remove lid from cup and hang on to it. 

  2. Place your clean cup on the counter and step back.

  3. Your coffee is poured in without anyone touching your cup.

  4. Pop your lid on and you’re ready to go.

Get involved

We want to give a virtual high five to all coffee shops accepting reusable cups so share your brew with the hashtag #HandsAffMaCup on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter

Show us your reusable coffee cup using #HandsAffMaCup.